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Derek’s hack to fix W7S flipped WebCam

I was going to use some of my vacation time to try to fix the vertical flip (upside down) bug in Chicony Electronics WebCam (04f2:b012) in W7S laptop, but decided to take a look on Google again if anyone has already found a fix for that… And I found it!!!

Derek Bruce wrote a small hack to uvcvideo that fixes this anoying bug at kernel module level. Is a very simple sollution, but works very well!!!

Just aply this patch to uvcvideo (content also avaliable at the end of this post). You can download latest uvcvideo from here, or checkout the latest svn version using the following command:

svn checkout svn:// uvc-video

Important note: Default Makefile will put uvcvideo kernel module on the wrong path for Ubuntu, and you may need to change this line on Makefile:

INSTALL_MOD_DIR := kernel/ubuntu/media/usbvideo


INSTALL_MOD_DIR := ubuntu/media/usbvideo

Download the patch file to the uvcvideo source folder, and aply it using the following command:

patch -i uvc-hack.patch

Compile and install the driver using make:

sudo make install

Just reload the kernel module:

modprobe -r uvcvideo
modprobe uvcvideo

And that’s all… your don’t need to flip the notebook anymore to talk with another people! 😉

Thanks a lot, Derek, for this nice patch!!!

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Sync WM5 & WM6 with Evolution, without ActiveSync

Important Notice: SynCE now works without problems with WM6, and it is actually easy to make it work on Ubuntu. Follow this guide! I recommend the SynCE sollution, since it does not disclose private data to a third party (Mail2Web)

For those who have a PDA or a Smartphone with WM5, sync with Linux can be a complex operation. The SynCE project is trying, but make it work can be hard. Who already is using WM6, well… then it becomes harder. SynCE don’t even started to work on WM6 support. For me, I was using a virtual machine (VirtualBox) with Windows XP and ActiveSync 4.5 to at least have a backup of my PIM data and to edit the data with a real keyboard, but common… that is not an acceptable sollution.

Today I’ve found out, after a lot of research, a sollution that I’ll explain in this article. It is based on this article, from James, and some Evolution hacking.

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